The multidisciplinary areas of CIRAM, the Italian Interuniversity Center for Additive Manufacturing Research involve

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing, to take full advantage in terms of product performance
  • Process simulation to identify optimal parameters minimizing set-up times
  • Development of new materials, and their characterization, to expand the offer currently available on the market and allow new applications
  • Definition of new and innovative thermal treatments and component pre- and post-processes
  • Integration of Additive Manufacturing techniques with conventional processes and hybridization
  • Standardization of products and processes for easier validation and certification
  • Definition of specifications and the development of new generation Additive Manufacturing systems
  • Development of sensor systems dedicated to activating a reliable process control in order to ensure constant quality
  • Study of new laser and electron beam sources to increase performances
  • Study and management of the data (Big Data) that are generated from Additive Manufacturing processes with the aim of optimizing the performances and of identifying predictive and preventive maintenance strategies